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Birthdate:Aug 9
Location:Ohio, United States of America
Hi! I'm Alice.

I'm a mother, aspiring writer, and unrepentant nerd. I'm also a RPer and have been involved in this hobby in various forms off and on since I was a kid. Occasionally, I moderate small, private RPs and critique writing projects for my friends upon request. Sometimes I make icons but usually only for my personal use. I have a lot of varied interests and eclectic tastes in music and media.

When it comes to RP, I tend to prefer creating and playing my own characters more often than not but I'll play around with canon characters on occasion if they interest me enough or I feel they'd be a fun writing challenge to take on. Aside from this, I'm not particularly active in fandom anymore or at least, I don't actively seek it out. For the most part, I'm content to keep fandom discussions to friends and close acquaintances. Lately, my interest in writing fanfiction has been rekindling so I may be posting that more.

My current fandoms are Peace Maker Kurogane, GetBackers, The X-Files, Noragami, Zero Escape, Fire Emblem, Trails in the Sky, Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, Corpse Party, Persona/Megaten, Ace Attorney, Elementary, Criminal Minds, and the Heralds of Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey. I'm also a fan of the horror genre in general, particularly Junji Ito and Bentley Little.

My creative/roleplay journal is [personal profile] li_emperesse. I also have a private musebox for PSLs and memes at [community profile] abstractgarden.
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